An ordinary man with an extraordinary determination!

image -An ordinary man with an extraordinary determination

They say ordinary men can do extraordinary things with sheer determination, perseverance and the willingness to stay put despite all odds. This is not only true of life, but is as applicable to one’s investment journey as well. The young who earn decently are often heard complaining that they do not make enough money to save and that retiring rich is an impossible feat to achieve unless one is lucky in their career or is born with a silver spoon!

Those who are in agreement with the above statement may, however, be far away from the truth! If saving and investing a small part of what you earn seems like an obstacle to you, read on to find out the journey of man who took it upon himself to defy the impossible as the world around him jeered and mocked in disbelief.

This is the story of 59-year-old Sashi G from Thiruvananthapuram, who was a coconut tree climber by profession. Though a hazardous profession, he had little choice but to take it up to earn a living. About two decades ago, he had a bad fall from a tree which over the years resulted in Sashi getting paralysed in his right arm and leg. However, he was determined to make an honest living so he went to the village panchayat to request for a three-wheeler so that he could do some business.

The panchayat though seemingly compassionate in the beginning, turned him away as there was no road that led to his house, thus making it impossible to ride a vehicle. But Sashi was persistent, and would go to the panchayat every other day with the same plea only to be reduced to a jest over the years. After being spurned away year after year, Sashi took up an axe in sheer desperation and started digging up a road that would lead to his house. Convinced that he had finally lost it, the villagers and passer-by’s would crack a joke or two at his expense as he kept digging with great difficulty.

Sashi, however, remained unfazed and kept digging for six hours each day in a disciplined manner, despite his physical disabilities. His strife continued for three years till he successfully built a 200-metre road to his house to the amazement of others. The villagers are awestruck by the feat achieved by a semi-paralysed man and now think that the panchayat should indeed arrange for the vehicle that he had petitioned for. Though he is yet to receive the vehicle, Sashi lives in hope. With the media attention, he has been receiving lately, he hopes that he has inched closer to his goal. Read the media coverage here.

The story of the semi paralysed Sashi is a remarkable example of how strong determination and perseverance can help to achieve goals. This is surely a lesson for investors who feel they are not saving enough and fear they may fall short of their life goals. Many-a-times, a key reason for the shortfall is the lack of consistency and longevity besides procrastinating one’s investments. To assist you in your resolve to meet your goals, mutual funds offer Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs to help save regularly. With SIPs starting at Rs.500 per month, they are easy on your pocket and help to inculcate financial discipline. You can also benefit from the power of compounding, if you are determined to stay invested for the long term. SIP is thus like your ‘Good EMI’ – an investment not an instalment. For more on SIPs, log on to



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