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  Franklin India Taxshield:
Why plan your taxes with Franklin Templeton Tax Shield?

Tax planning is an integral part of your overall financial planning. While most of the traditional tax saving avenues are for risk-averse investors and deliver fixed returns, they either have a longer lock-in period or may not provide market-linked return. How about looking at an investment option that can provide you with an opportunity to create wealth over the long-term along with tax savings?

Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) of mutual funds are diversified equity funds that have a lock-in period of three years and provide tax benefit. Since a major portion of the corpus is invested in equities / equity stock markets , the earning potential is higher (though at a higher risk) as compared to other tax saving investments. The 3-year lock-in allows the fund manager to take strategic long-term investment calls and not overly worry about short-term market volatility or early redemptions.

Investors can invest up to Rs. 1,50,000 in an ELSS fund and deduct the investment from their taxable income u/s 80C of Income Tax Act, thereby effectively reducing their tax liability. Long-term capital gains and dividends received on these investments are tax-free in the hands of the investor as per the current tax laws.

Key Highlights:
  • An open end equity linked savings scheme (ELSS) with an allocation of at least 80% to equities to enable growth over the long term
  • Investments up to Rs.1.5 lac eligible for deduction from taxable income under Section 80C
  • Dividends and long-term capital gains you earn are fully exempt from tax, as per current tax laws
  • Short lock-in period of 3 years
Load Structure:
Entry Load: Nil
Exit Load: Nil
Lock in period: 3 years
Minimum Investment:
500 and in multiples of 500
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